Friday, 13 February 2015

An Introduction and my Primark Haul for January 2015


 Welcome to Belle Couture du Jour. That, loosely translated, means "Beautiful Fashion of the Day". (If you speak proper French, please don't shoot me!) It's also a play on words as my name is Belle, I'm sure you've heard of Belle du Jour and the word Couture means fashion and it rhymes. Oh how clever! haha ;) Belle Couture was also what I wanted to name my own clothing shop when I was younger.


 Here is my YouTube video for my January Primark Haul.

Primark Haul: February 2015

I love Primark hauls personally, because Primark don't have a website, you can find out what kind of stuff is about before you go and buy.


Love, Belle x

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